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Conditions for selecting contractors for entering into a supply contract

The main principles of selection are transparency, openness, legality, freedom of expression of will, mutually beneficial cooperation. The choice of a potential supplier depends on the results of an integrated assessment of both the supplier itself and the commercial proposal submitted to them.
Essential requirements:

Presence of sustainable consumer interest in the proposed product.
The lowest price for the offered goods, which ensures competitiveness and stable customer demand.
The offered goods correspond to the assortment of products sold in our stores.
High quality and safety of the offered goods, conformity to all standards and requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Proper appearance of the product and its packaging, ensuring its attractiveness to the consumer.
Providing complete information about consumer characteristics and product features, including the following information: detailed name; kind of packing and packing; composition; shelf life; weight position; the storage mode; assortment list; cost; country and manufacturing company and others.
A wide range of offered goods and the possibility of its planned change.
High-quality packaging of the proposed goods, designed with all the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, allowing it to ensure its prompt and safe delivery, laying and storage.
Guarantees of security of supply with the maintenance of their required volume.
Short terms of delivery of the goods and availability of a clear logistics system of the supplier.
Delivery of the offered goods on the transport providing observance of necessary conditions of transportation, and also, application of special equipment for unloading.
The availability of communication tools and personnel, ensuring a high level of interaction in the delivery of goods.
Availability of licensing documentation for used intellectual property.
The presence of a license and other permits for the activities carried out.
Availability of documents confirming, the legal status of the supplier: information on registration as a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.
Absence of bankruptcy procedures, liquidation, suspension of activities with respect to the supplier.
Absence of information about repeated violations by the supplier of supply contracts concluded with other persons.
Absence of information about violations of the provisions of the current legislation by the supplier.

Essential terms of the supply contract:

The supply contract must necessarily contain information about:

the subject matter of the contract;
guarantees of quality and order of presentation of claims;
cost of goods, the form of its calculation, the order of change;
the order of settlements, their form and timing;
methods of delivery, requirements for the transportation procedure, conditions for loading / unloading;
container and packing of the delivered goods;
conditions of acceptance of goods;
separation of the limits of responsibility for the goods;
rights and obligations of the parties;
responsibility for failure to comply with the terms of the contract;
the procedure for resolving disputes;
the procedure for actions in the event of force majeure circumstances;
term of the contract;
addresses and requisites of the parties;

A specification containing a detailed information on the delivered product and, if necessary, the addresses of the outlets where the goods will be delivered directly will be attached to the supply contract.

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